Justin Ashmore

Software Developer

About Me:

Hello my name is Justin Ashmore. I am currently attending Base Camp Coding Academy to become a Software Engineer/Developer. I graduated from Bruce High School in 2021. I like to code because I like to think of it as me solving a problem, which challenges me. I like to do more of the backend coding work, because it is more challenging to me, where front-end coding is more artistic and creative. My skills: Python, CSS, Html, Django, JavaScript, Java, Bootstrap, Git, SQL.


NBA Arcade Game

Date: August 2021

Languages: Python

Goat Project "The Rock"

Date: August 2021

Languages: CSS, HTML

Snake Game

Date: July 2021

Languages: Python

Charity Project(Practicing Html)

Date: August 2021

Languages: HTML, CSS

SCP Foundation

Date: June 2021

Languages: Python

Dice and Management

Date: November 2021

Languages: Django, CSS, HTML

Weather/Clothing Store

Date: January 2022

Languages: Javascript

Car to Person

Date: February 2022

Languages: Java, SQL

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